Wednesday, December 28, 2011

There's a new closer in town

So it looks like Ben Cherrington, can make a trade after all. It's official that Oakland A's closer Andrew Bailey and outfielder Ryan Sweeney are heading to Boston in exchange for rightfielder Josh Reddick and 2 single A players from the minor league system.

It looks as if the Sox came out on top of this trade as Sweeney's left handed bat looks perfect for Fenway Park. The addition of a stud closer like Bailey also seems like Daniel Bard is slated to be in the starting rotaition for 2012.

This trade also clears room for the Red Sox to pursue a starting pitcher actively such as Oswalt, Jackson, or Garza, which officials say the Red Sox are actively pursuing.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Bailey and Sweeney and what it means for the Sox in 2012.

What we've been up to recently

After yesterday's, "welcome back" post, I figured that I would talk about why we haven't posted in 2 months rather than talk about the hectic offseason the Red Sox are having...I'll talk about that tomorrow.

After the rapid success of this blog we figured it would be fun to produce another form of media that captures our love for the Red Sox. That took form as a documentary depicting the emotional appeal of Fenway Park as it's 100 year anniversary is coming up this season in 2012. We have been in the early planning stages of production for the documentary, figuring out how we want to conduct the interviews and most importantly how we are going to get this big of a project done. We have co-advisors from the Emerson College staff to guide us but for the most part we are going to get this thing done by ourselves!

As I mentioned above we are going to depict the emotional appeal of Fenway through personal narratives with fans, like you, sports writers, athletes, Fenway staff, and the list goes on and on. We want to focus on the small aspect of Fenway Park, which is the devotion of the fans...which is why I am asking you for help.

You're obviously reading this blog because you like the Red Sox which is great and which is what we are looking for in this documentary. We don't care if you've never been on camera before, I certainly haven't!

We want to hear your story of the Park, we want you to tell us your favorite moments at Fenway, we want to hear any stories you have about the Park! We will guide you in the interviews but for the most part you, the fan, are in charge.

I will keep posting about this documentary throughout my vacation as well as into the school year,and we will keep posting about the team this season, as we all know it is going to be a rather interesting one...

Please contact us at if you're interesting in providing us with an interview or any other information regarding Fenway.

We look forward to hearing from you!! Thank you for your time and thank you for keeping up with Red Seat Nation!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It has been a while huh?

First and for most I want to apologize for the sudden stoppage in posts since November. I realize a lot has been happening throughout the last couple of months especially for the Red Sox who have since hired a new manager, lost a star closer, hired a new coaching staff and oh yeah, lost one of the greatest general managers of all time. A lot has also been happening with our staff as we have been busy planning a documentary concerning the 100 year anniversary of Fenway Park this upcoming season.

I'll begin with this you may or may not know we are students at Emerson College in Boston so we're pretty 'media' savvy. This documentary will concentrate on the emotional appeal of Fenway Park. We will be conducting interviews with fans throughout the country in order to depict the unique emotional appeal that Fenway Park has. This documentary will be filmed throughout the season starting in January and ending in May. If you are interested in being a park of the documentary please send an email to

Enough about this documentary! We'll keep you updated throughout the journey and post pictures of the interviews and the process of the production!

Now time to talk about more important things....the Boston Red Sox who have since our last post received some major changes...There is not enough room in one blog post to discuss all the changes so I'll discuss one change in this blog, the new manager of the Sox Bobby Valentine.

Bobby V is the man to lead the Boston Red Sox to victory in 2012. Our clubhouse was a wreck last season as the players took advantage of Tito and didn't take the game seriously enough....which led to the collapse in September. Bobby V with his baseball expertise managing the Mets and most recently in Japan, will bring the right pieces and a new personality to the Sox who need it after last season. His personality will prove to Boston that everything is okay, something we needed after the collapse and the departure of Terry Francona. He will provide the clubhouse with the structure they need and will put in place a new system of baseball in the Sox organization.

Well that's all for now, check back later for more news...until then I'll leave with some wise words of our new manager....Bobby V

"I took a shower in the clubhouse for the first time today and there was something really odd...two bottles of shampoo and no and I wrong or did Terry have no hair?? It makes no sense."

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ortiz needs to make up his mind, but he does have a week

Does Ortiz regret saying the comment he made a couple of weeks ago? I would say so, in an interview today he says that he would be proud to be a Red Sox player again and that they "wouldn't regret signing him."

There's a week left until he can hit the free agency market, so let's see how many MORE times Big Papi changes his mind.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wally.. It's not what you think!

I know it's been a while since there was a blog post on this site, however, Emerson College has been on fire (not literally) for the past couple weeks. I guess that's the type of thing that happens when midterms come around; teachers start giving out projects and big assignments all at once. But in the midst of all of this, the Red Sox solved all their problems!

...Just kidding, that would be too silly now wouldn't it?

However, what did happen was just a little scare in Red Sox nation. Now you must think I'm a little crazy for saying "just a little scare" when every day Red Sox fans are scared of what's going to happen next with the "oops-we're-supposed-to-be-in-the-playoffs" team. Too soon to say that? Let's be realistic, it happened, us Red Sox fans can't change that, the only thing we can do is move on and hope for something better next year.

Let's get to the point of this post. David Ortiz stated in an interview earlier this month that, if he was given the opportunity in the future to play for the New York Yankees, he would. After a statement like that, it was just about enough to throw Red Sox Nation off the bridge to drown. Have no fear, the exaggerated media is here! What do I mean by that? Come on, how many times do you have a story like this and the media takes it and makes it into a bigger story than it actually is. For example, we could start learning that David Ortiz actually doesn't exist and he's a figment of our imagination for all we care. If the media says so, the public will believe it. At least that's how it seems.

This ESPN commercial seems to be fitting for this time.

In an article on CBS Sports, Big Papi had to clarify this to Red Sox fans and the media that what he said wasn't at all how the media took it. But lets face it, Red Sox players and personnel have had a lot of air time clarifying just about everything, so this seemed like nothing new. In the statement he said, "I never said that I would sign with the Yankees. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,” he said. “They asked me if I would play for the Yankees. I said I would think about it. But I didn’t confirm to nobody that I would play for the Yankees. I’m still a Red Sox, aren’t I?"

Oh, thank heavens! I'm so glad this is all cleared up, I was worried! Hold on though. Can we just back up a step and look at what he actually said in the first place? Ortiz said in a press conference that because of all the drama that was going on with the Sox, he wouldn't mind playing for the Yankees, saying they would be a great team to play for. As much as that looks like he's leaving, it's not at all what it says.

For now Red Sox Nation just has to "sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride" because quite frankly, our opinion really doesn't matter in the end. We all hated the Eric Gagne trade, that still happened. We all couldn't figure out why Tito kept going to Julian Tavarez for relief when for most of his career with the Sox he couldn't pitch his way out of a paper bag. Those things happened, and they all came with decisions made by people inside the organization, not Red Sox fans. Let the team do their job, if Ortiz goes to play for New York, well yeah that sucks, but we can't do anything about it except moan and groan until the next big thing comes along, whether it's good or bad.

Look at the positives about the hard hitting DH. He has a career .283 batting average, 378 home runs in 15 seasons (9 seasons with the Red Sox) in 1,742 games, and 1,266 runs batted in. Ortiz is here for now, lets just cherish that.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Theo is still....working?

Not much has happened in the Red Sox organization in terms of big deals, or even in terms of Theo actually leaving the organization. The Sox rumor mill has quieted down a bit, and as of now Theo is still in his Fenway Park office 'working' to make the Sox better. The fact that Theo is still coming into work surprises me and makes me wonder is he really going to go to Chicago?

The Red Sox have a high asking price for their GM, including the Cubs #1 prospect Brett Jackson, who the Cubs are not willing to part with. If the Cubs want the number one general manager in baseball, they will need to pay up BIG with prospects and money, and I'm not so sure they will do this.

Brett Jackson: 2009 1st Round Pick Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs have little in their organization to lean on besides shortstop Starlin Castro and the 2009 first round pick Brett Jackson. If the Cubs parted ways with either of these two players, it would be very difficult to build a championship quality team, no matter who the GM is.

The very outspoke, out of late, John Henry expressed his desires to keep Theo on his interview the 98.5 The Sports Hub on Friday by saying how he'd "like to have Theo back." If this were in fact true, then John, Larry and Tom would not have allowed Theo to talk to the I don't know what universe John Henry is on but it sure isn't a realistic one.

All and all, I do not think the Theo deal will be done. I believe the Red Sox asking price is too high (for a good reason) and I don't think the Cubs are willing to part with the young talent that they have in the farm leagues. I also am a strong believer that Larry Lucchino is doing everything he can to keep Theo as of today, Monday October 17, 2011, it is still "In Theo We Trust," and I would like to see it stay that way for 2012...We'll keep you updated as soon as news about Theo's departure worth 20 million becomes available.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Get writing on those "thank you's" to Theo Epstein

So it's official. Theo Epstein has agreed to a five year, 20 million dollar deal with the Chicago Cubs. While minor details are still being worked on between the Sox and the Cubs, official word of Theo's departure is expected to come either tomorrow or Friday.

With Theo now officially leaving the Red Sox organization many questions are in the air. Such as who will follow Theo to Chicago? It has been publicized that Jacoby Ellsbury and Theo have a very close relationship, so I would not be surprised to see Ellsbury throw on a Cubs jersey in 2013. I would also not be surprised if Tito is seen on the pine at Wrigley this season.

Theo Epstein has brought the Red Sox the success they've seen in the past decade, and is arguably one of the best General Managers in the MLB.

With Theo's departure, I expect to see a lot of positive things being said about him, so get out your pens and paper and write Mr. Epstein a thank you note. He deserves it, because with him we would not have broken the 86 year curse.

Thank you Theo for a great 8 years.

Just Add It To The List

As most of you probably remember reading through this blog, I had blogged about John Lackey's performance on the mound for the Red Sox. Well if his pitching performance wasn't already enough, he's added another problem to this long list of them. He has filed for divorce from his wife, Krista. Divorce happens more frequently than it should throughout these United States, however, when it happens in ways like the way Lackey is doing it, it doesn't settle well with most people.

According to TMZ, Lackey had filed for divorce back at the end of August. Meanwhile, through all of this, Krista is battling breast cancer, and, well, Lackey is doing what he does best on the mound. It's always a comforting thing when issues like this come up when someone is dealing with a deadly disease such as Krista's. For the record, that last statement was pure sarcasm. Everyone can remember the scandal that politician, John Edwards put himself in while his wife was practically on her death bed. Obviously Lackey isn't in the same scandal, but he's still divorcing her.

TMZ also reported that Lackey "has 'separate property' that he wants to keep for himself." Oh that's just fine John, be as selfish as you want, it's okay, I'm sure Krista won't mind at all. In another report from it stated that someone from the media had sent Lackey a text message about the situation, in which infuriated the Red Sox starting pitcher because of the personal basis behind the issue at hand.

It also went on to say that Lackey was asked in a press conference if the text message distracted him. I don't know about anyone else, but Lackey's performance with the Red Sox so far doesn't have anything to do with distractions in my opinion. It can't be known for sure when the divorce will go through, what the real reasons are, and what the end result of all this actually will be, but what can be said is it's just another problem to add to Lackey's list.

Current events in Red Sox nation haven't really been on the top of most fans' lists. Let's just hope that the team can find a new manager that can get the job done; that pitchers and hitters can pull it together next season and make the playoffs; and that if Theo leaves the Sox that Cherrington or another GM can hold the team together. We'll do what Red Sox fans are used to doing: staying on the edge of our seats to wait and see what happens.

Theo Epstein is on the verge of going to the Chicago Cubs

It looks like the grim rumors of Theo Epstein leaving his home town team have finally become reality for Red Sox Nation. The Boston Herald first reported that sources close to the Red Sox organization confirmed that Theo Epstein and the Chicago Cubs were very close on coming to a deal to make Theo the new GM, and the decision could happen within the next 48 hours. The final details of Theo leaving Boston are still being discussed and involve compensation in the form of prospects or money towards the Sox.

There have been multiple rumors floating around tonight, that Chicago may be willing to part with star shortstop Starlin Castro, in return for Theo Epstein. These rumors have been officially quieted by ESPN's Karl Ravech, who says that a source close to the Sox said that the MLB wouldn't allow the Cubs to part with any current Major League Players but instead will part with prospects or money, in compensation for the General Manager of The Boston Red Sox.

Larry Lucchino, the President and CEO of the Red Sox was very mum on the whole ordeal on Tuesday night. Lucchino said that, "we are not commenting on that type of issue unless and until there is a resolution. That has been a consistent policy and practice of the Red Sox for years," when asked about the developing story coming out of Chicago.

The most recent news about Epstein's move to Chicago have been very hectic and we will try to bring you any new information as soon as it comes in. As for now, know that according to a credible Red Sox official Theo Epstein is "likely [sic] going to go, but nothing has been finalized." The Boston Red Sox organization will remain in close communication with the Chicago Cubs about compensation for Theo, which will be the final aspect of the deal that would bring Chicago the greatest GM Boston has ever seen. 

Also, for those who got excited about the Castro rumor mill, don't expect big names to come over as compensation for Theo, instead expect the Red Sox to receive large amounts of money or great prospects for Theo's departure to Chicago.

It looks like the era of "In Theo We Trust," has now turned to "In Ben (Cherrington) We Trust."

We will keep you updated with any information regarding Theo's departure to Chicago.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Going, Going, Gone?

First Terry Francona leaves and now it looks like General Manager Theo Epstein will be gone within the next 24 to 48 hours to the Chicago Cubs. This news was released by two baseball sources (according to the Boston Herald) in which the Herald went on to say that the Red Sox want something out of this whole deal whether it be that he remains with the team or the Cubs give the Red Sox something in return.

More information on the possible departure of Theo Epstein to come soon.

Missing Fenway?? The wait to get in is only 17 days!!

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of posts in the last couple of days! We promise not to let that happen again.

I was just thinking about how much I missed sitting inside Fenway Park, and how LONG I have to wait for opening day. However, I was reminded by a good friend of mine that Spooky World is at Fenway this month! Sooooo, if you miss the atmosphere of Fenway Park (like I do), you no longer need to count down the days until April. Instead you just have to set a new countdown for 17 days when Fenway will be open to the public for Spooky World!

I know that I will be attending, to just be inside of Fenway for the last time before April, and I highly recommend you going, whether you are afraid or not! It is a once in a life time opportunity for the 100 year old stadium.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Speed, Power, MVP?

It was an odd year for Major League Baseball. Teams expected to win, didn't. Teams that expected to be a lower rank, proved everyone wrong. The same goes for players throughout the league. Carl Crawford is one of those examples. He had the tools that most teams wanted. Well, the Red Sox beat out the New York Yankees in acquiring the speedy outfielder in the offseason, however, they're probably glad that they didn't get him because of the numbers (or should I say lack of) that he put up for the Red Sox this season. There is one player though, that put up numbers no one ever saw coming.

Jacoby Ellsbury was an injury prone outfielder that seemed to get a lot of hype on how good he was when he made his major league debut. He was pretty good during his rookie season, but didn't seem to escalate from there as a whole. This year he pretty much made up for all that lost time. I mean come on, the kid is an MVP candidate for the league. Not to mention he's in the running against Yankees' outifielder Curtis Granderson, who by comparison, is practically the same size and has the same tools as Ellsbury.

Ellsbury made his debut with the Red Sox during the 2007 season, a season as every fan remembers as the year the Yankees got knocked out in the first round and the Sox didn't even have to bother with them in the ALCS. Anyhow, Ellsbury played 33 games batting .353 with 3 home runs. Certainly numbers that every team wishes they could get out of a rookie. It was definitely a treat for the kid since he was part of a World Series team his first year in the bigs.

However, the following year wasn't as impressive as his first. He batted only .280 with 9 home runs and 50 stolen bases out of 61 attempts (the only thing fantastic about that season). The center fielder is fast, we'll give him that. Don't get me wrong, his numbers weren't horrible at all, just in comparison to his first year with the Sox it was quite different (not to mention he played almost 3.5 times more games than he did his first season).

He got used to Major League Baseball the following year, playing 153 games, batted .301, and had an amazing 70 stolen bases while only getting caught 12 times. With that said, he only got caught stealing for every 5.8 stolen bases if you want to get precise. He only had 8 home runs, but it started to look that he was like every other speedy outfielder who was known more for their slap singles, infield hits, and extra base hits rather than their power.

2010 was the year in which most Red Sox fans got frustrated with him. He couldn't last more than a few games before getting injured or complaining of something still in pain. He played 18 games out of 162. Most fans thought that, if this was already happening to him at a young age, how long is he going to last? He batted a mere .192 in those 18 games, no home runs, but managed to steal 7 out of 8 bases. However, what fans didn't see coming, was Ellsbury's 2011 season, and to think about it, he probably didn't either.

Instead of going in depth and explaining what his season was like, I'll just lay out the numbers and you can figure out just how good he was.

Games: 153
Batting average: .321
RBIs: 105 (His 2008-2009 season combined was 107 in almost double the amount of games)
Doubles: 46
Triples: 5
Home Runs: 32 <--(no that's not a typo)
Stolen Bases/Attempts: 39/54

If those numbers don't mean anything to you in comparison to what he's done before, than I'm going to bluntly state that the game of baseball probably doesn't mean anything to you. Coming off a season in which he was injured practically the entire season and then enters one in which he's in the running to be MVP is almost unheard of. With those numbers brings me to the point of my title. You have an outfielder that can track down a fly ball faster than the average fielder, steal bases better than the average player, and for someone his size, hit more home runs than you'd expect.

What will be interesting is to see what Ellsbury looks like next year. Will he put the same type of numbers up? We'll have to wait and see. For now though, I'm going to choose the route of focusing on what an impressive season this guy had and how he recovered from the previous year, instead of what happened to the entire team at the end. In an article on Kevin Youkilis, first and third baseman for the Red Sox, told Ellsbury that, "That was one of the most impressive seasons I've ever seen."

I know Curtis Granderson has had a remarkable season as well, and what I'm about to say doesn't have to do with my dislike for the Yankees, but it's not every day that you see a player come off a season of injury and only playing 18 games, and then be put on the ballot for MVP. Major League Baseball should put serious consideration into this award before going ahead and choosing the "likely" choice.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Terry Franc-goner

Terry Francona sure knows how to forget about the past month of the Boston Red Sox season. After his dismissal from the organization of Friday, Terry was spotted out and about Boston....and it looks like he has been drinking his sorrows away. 

Thank you Terry for a great eight years for the Boston Red Sox and you will forever be a hero in Boston. We wish you the best of luck.

Hey Sox management, lets go get Joe Torre now.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Houston, I mean, Theo, We Have A Problem...

Part of the title of this post is questionable since the rumor mill started rolling saying that General Manager of the Boston Red Sox, Theo Epstein, will also be leaving the organization. However, for now he's still the GM which makes him still in power of a lot of decisions made in the front office.

As pretty much any Red Sox fans know it, John Lackey, right handed starting pitcher for the Sox, has been completely awful. There is no sugar coating how bad his overall performance on the mound has been. Sure he went 12-12 this season, but that didn't come without the Red Sox working their rear ends off just to give the guy runs so he could survive through the game.

The last Red Sox game I went to was against the Baltimore Orioles on September 19 of this year (all in the middle of the sickening collapse the Red Sox put together) and it was on this day that John Lackey made his last home start of the season. As expected, he gave up 3 runs in the first inning. I thought, "this is it, here we go, this game is already over."

It seemed that way until Jed Lowrie hit a monster 3 run home run after already having 1 scored to put the Sox up by 1. However, it still didn't feel comfortable. Sure the Red Sox answered quickly by putting up 4 in the first inning to go ahead, but come on, it was the September Red Sox and John Lackey was on the mound. I'll give him this though; he stuck it out and the rest of the team put on an offensive show. Well, when his time was up, Tito marched out there to take him out and here comes the best part. When Red Sox nation boos one of their own, you know there's an issue. Boos were all Lackey heard as he walked back to the dugout.

John Lackey signed with the Red Sox in the off season before the 2010 year in which the team signed him for almost $16 million a year. Here's where things get a little frustrating when it comes to the numbers he's put up. In his career with the Red Sox (2 seasons) he's 26-23 with a 5.25 earned run average. Let's do a little comparing.

Jake Westbrook of the St. Louis Cardinals. He may not be one of the most well known pitchers around, but it's the numbers that really matter. This year with the Cardinals he went 12-9 with a 4.66 ERA. In his last 2 years (1.5 with St. Louis and 0.5 with Cleveland) he's gone 22-20 with an ERA of 4.45. You may wonder why I chose someone who had very similar numbers to Lackey. My reasoning? He's 2 years older than Lackey and is getting paid only $8 million a year; half of what Lackey is receiving from the Red Sox.

No one wants to have a pitcher on their team that is going to put up such mediocre or poor numbers, but if it's going to happen, have it be someone that isn't getting paid money that hurts the fan's wallets when they perform so poorly. The reason I go off on this rant about Lackey is that the Red Sox, in some way, some form, have to get rid of him.

The other day I went to go see Moneyball. In the movie, before the Oakland Athletics acquired David Justice from the New York Yankees, Peter Brand (who was played by Jonah Hill) stated that George Steinbrenner was so desperate to get rid of Justice, he was more than willing to pay off the rest of his remaining salary. When I heard that it got me thinking. The Red Sox have enough money and should think about doing the same thing.

Some may read this and question why I have such a negative opinion on John Lackey, but something tells me that most people, especially Red Sox fans, will agree with me fully on what I have presented. In my last post I mentioned that starting pitching was the biggest issue for the Sox downfall in September. Lackey is certainly at the top of the rotation as far as being the most disappointing. Start somewhere, fix the rotation, get the Red Sox back on the right track.

Epstein to Join Francona?

Is it possible that Theo Epstein might join Francona in leaving the Boston Red Sox organization? After watching his press conferences held on Friday, September 30, to discuss the departure of eight year manager Terry Francona, you wouldn't think he would be out but sources are saying otherwise.

As Epstein sat calmly in the press room, wearing a Sox wind breaker and looking like he was ready to tackle the rough off-season that is ahead of him as the GM of the Boston Red Sox, there was little made that the assistant GM, Ben Cherington, was in attendance for all the meetings involving Terry Francona on Thursday and Friday. This little nuance that went seemingly un-noticed among the press could be a sign of Epstein's departure from the Sox and could be an end to his 9 year tenure. Could it be that Cherington, was in these meetings to prepare himself in working with the Red Sox brass, in preparation of Theo's dismissal? Cherington has been under Epstein for six years and is ready to take the head GM job.

Since the termination of the Cubs GM Jim Hendry in August, Theo Epstein's name has been thrown out there as the number one candidate for the new GM job available in Chicago. It is no doubt that Theo has experience in building championship teams in teams that struggle to succeed, in bringing the Red Sox two World Series titles, the most important one coming in 2004 breaking the 86 year curse, but would he really be up to breaking the 103 year old curse in Chicago?

This question has generated much speculation around Boston. Would Theo leave the Red Sox organization and join the team of the Chicago Cubs?

Theo is a Boston boy, who created his baseball career around Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino as a intern at the San Diego Padres. The ownership of the Padres took Epstein under their wing and made him the youngest GM in Major League history, at the time for the Boston Red Sox in 2002. Quickly, Epstein built a baseball team that went to the post season 6 out of 9 years and won 2 World Series titles with the Boston Red Sox. Theo has become a legend in Boston, making huge transactions (good and bad) that ultimately changed the way the Red Sox played baseball. Although it could be some of these transactions that leads to his dismissal from the Boston Red Sox. Could it be these signings, like the signings of JD Drew, Eric Gagne, John Lackey and Edgar Renteria that allow Theo to walk from the Boston Red Sox?

According to an undisclosed source "Theo is very interested" in the position in Chicago and New York Post columnist said that he "believe[d] [the] Red Sox will give permission and Theo will go to Cubs to be GM."

Personally, I feel like Theo has done all he can do for the Boston Red Sox and like Tito he needs to go. The Red Sox are in a position to rebuild, and in order to rebuild they need to get rid the primary source of the team, Theo Epstein. It is clearly obvious that his assistant Cherington is ready to step into a GM job therefore I would not be surprised if Theo walks away to join the Chicago Cubs organization.

This off season will have a lot to tell about the Boston Red Sox future and the direction the Sox organization wants to bring the team. There will be a lot of speculation and rumors, but one thing is for certain, there will be a lot of moves inside the clubhouse and in the executive offices. Along with Terry Francona, Theo should be looked at, as a primary cause for the Red Sox 'collapse' this September. Theo has done all he can do for the Boston Red Sox.

Sox Fans Seem To Have Misconceived Notions

Friday, September 30, 2011, wasn't exactly a day that most Red Sox fans would want to relive over and over again. Not only did they have to see previews for Game 1 of the American League Division Series that included the New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays, Texas Rangers, and Detroit Tigers, they had to deal with the manager, or should I say former manager of the Boston Red Sox, Terry Francona leaving the team.

We all know how horrible of a September the Red Sox had, but was there any one person to blame? The only thing that could even be credited as a source to the absolute collapse of the team this season, is the performance of the entire Red Sox team. Especially the fastballs and breaking balls from the starting rotation that were simply not working.

Let me point out the Red Sox pitching staff first. In my opinion, this was the most crucial reason to the collapse of the team this season. With an astounding 5.84 earned run average in September the pitching staff allowed 158 runs in just 27 games. The participants in this absolute wreckage of allowing runs wasn't just the starting rotation, it extended to the bullpen. However, I have another problem.

Alfredo Aceves was turned to more times than a long reliever has ever been expected to. He finished second on the team in innings pitched in September with 25 innings in 12 appearances, all in which were in relief. Not to mention, he had a September ERA of 1.80. What about the top starter on the team during the month you ask? Jon Lester started 6 games going 31.2 innings, all while allowing 19 runs and producing a 5.40 ERA.

On the flip side of the coin you look at the offense and when you look at the team's average during this epic collapse, it seems like a perfectly normal batting average for a decent team, not great, but decent; .280 for the last 30 days. The hitters that were expected to come out big did what they were supposed to. Jacoby Ellsbury was on fire with a .358 average with 8 home runs and 22 runs, followed by Adrian Gonzalez who batted .318 and driving in 14 runners. Dustin Pedroia was also there with a .304 average while scoring 18 runs and driving in just about 1 run per run scored with 19 total RBIs.

All of this just boils down to my main point. The more I go on Facebook, or scan through my Twitter feed, or scroll through comments on other blog sites, I notice Red Sox fans, even fans that claim they are absolutely dedicated to the team, saying that Terry Francona "got fired" or "Theo Epstein failed to find the source to the problem." I tried to fix the errors, yet after correcting one wrong statement, there was another statement being mentioned that Tito got the boot.

In a press conference tonight both by the man himself, Terry Francona, and a separate conference with ownership it was made clear that Terry Francona was not fired. More than once Francona mentioned that he felt there needed to be a "new voice" in the clubhouse and that, "he's done all he can." During the ownership press conference Tom Werner, Larry Lucchino, and General Manager Theo Epstein clearly stated that Terry Francona was not at all the reason as to why the collapse of the Red Sox in the remaining month of the regular season happened.

With all this said, Tito did not receive any blame from any member of the Red Sox organization; he didn't get fired; and most importantly he did not leave on bad terms. It's not going to be easy to find someone who can fill the shoes that Francona so successfully wore through his 8 years with the Sox. However, what can be said is the Red Sox ownership are going to look for someone who has that, "New voice" that Francona mentioned the clubhouse needed. It is with this that can help lead the Boston Red Sox to a postseason and hopefully another World Series.

Joe Torre to Boston

I know that it is less than five hours after the departure of Terry Francona, arguably the greatest manager to ever wear a Sox uniform bringing us two world series victories ('04 + '07) and breaking the curse, but I feel like it is time to move on and think about the managerial future for the Boston Red Sox. This was hard for me to make, after such a short period of time and it brought a tear or two to my eye, but it is time to voice my choice for the 2012 Sox managerial position. 

There is no other man I would like to see coach the Boston Red Sox, than ex-Yankee Joe Torre. According to Terry Francona, the Red Sox clubhouse was disorganized and the players were not treating Sox management properly. Torre is the man to fix this problem for the Sox and in my mind will successfully re-institute a new law within Red Sox nation. As of today, October 1 at 2:24 AM I am starting a bring Torre to Boston campaign, in hopes that my dreams will come true. Next year has a lot to bring and this off season will prove to be a journey of mixed emotions.