Saturday, October 1, 2011

Joe Torre to Boston

I know that it is less than five hours after the departure of Terry Francona, arguably the greatest manager to ever wear a Sox uniform bringing us two world series victories ('04 + '07) and breaking the curse, but I feel like it is time to move on and think about the managerial future for the Boston Red Sox. This was hard for me to make, after such a short period of time and it brought a tear or two to my eye, but it is time to voice my choice for the 2012 Sox managerial position. 

There is no other man I would like to see coach the Boston Red Sox, than ex-Yankee Joe Torre. According to Terry Francona, the Red Sox clubhouse was disorganized and the players were not treating Sox management properly. Torre is the man to fix this problem for the Sox and in my mind will successfully re-institute a new law within Red Sox nation. As of today, October 1 at 2:24 AM I am starting a bring Torre to Boston campaign, in hopes that my dreams will come true. Next year has a lot to bring and this off season will prove to be a journey of mixed emotions.

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