Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What we've been up to recently

After yesterday's, "welcome back" post, I figured that I would talk about why we haven't posted in 2 months rather than talk about the hectic offseason the Red Sox are having...I'll talk about that tomorrow.

After the rapid success of this blog we figured it would be fun to produce another form of media that captures our love for the Red Sox. That took form as a documentary depicting the emotional appeal of Fenway Park as it's 100 year anniversary is coming up this season in 2012. We have been in the early planning stages of production for the documentary, figuring out how we want to conduct the interviews and most importantly how we are going to get this big of a project done. We have co-advisors from the Emerson College staff to guide us but for the most part we are going to get this thing done by ourselves!

As I mentioned above we are going to depict the emotional appeal of Fenway through personal narratives with fans, like you, sports writers, athletes, Fenway staff, and the list goes on and on. We want to focus on the small aspect of Fenway Park, which is the devotion of the fans...which is why I am asking you for help.

You're obviously reading this blog because you like the Red Sox which is great and which is what we are looking for in this documentary. We don't care if you've never been on camera before, I certainly haven't!

We want to hear your story of the Park, we want you to tell us your favorite moments at Fenway, we want to hear any stories you have about the Park! We will guide you in the interviews but for the most part you, the fan, are in charge.

I will keep posting about this documentary throughout my vacation as well as into the school year,and we will keep posting about the team this season, as we all know it is going to be a rather interesting one...

Please contact us at if you're interesting in providing us with an interview or any other information regarding Fenway.

We look forward to hearing from you!! Thank you for your time and thank you for keeping up with Red Seat Nation!

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