Monday, October 17, 2011

Theo is still....working?

Not much has happened in the Red Sox organization in terms of big deals, or even in terms of Theo actually leaving the organization. The Sox rumor mill has quieted down a bit, and as of now Theo is still in his Fenway Park office 'working' to make the Sox better. The fact that Theo is still coming into work surprises me and makes me wonder is he really going to go to Chicago?

The Red Sox have a high asking price for their GM, including the Cubs #1 prospect Brett Jackson, who the Cubs are not willing to part with. If the Cubs want the number one general manager in baseball, they will need to pay up BIG with prospects and money, and I'm not so sure they will do this.

Brett Jackson: 2009 1st Round Pick Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs have little in their organization to lean on besides shortstop Starlin Castro and the 2009 first round pick Brett Jackson. If the Cubs parted ways with either of these two players, it would be very difficult to build a championship quality team, no matter who the GM is.

The very outspoke, out of late, John Henry expressed his desires to keep Theo on his interview the 98.5 The Sports Hub on Friday by saying how he'd "like to have Theo back." If this were in fact true, then John, Larry and Tom would not have allowed Theo to talk to the I don't know what universe John Henry is on but it sure isn't a realistic one.

All and all, I do not think the Theo deal will be done. I believe the Red Sox asking price is too high (for a good reason) and I don't think the Cubs are willing to part with the young talent that they have in the farm leagues. I also am a strong believer that Larry Lucchino is doing everything he can to keep Theo as of today, Monday October 17, 2011, it is still "In Theo We Trust," and I would like to see it stay that way for 2012...We'll keep you updated as soon as news about Theo's departure worth 20 million becomes available.

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