Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It has been a while huh?

First and for most I want to apologize for the sudden stoppage in posts since November. I realize a lot has been happening throughout the last couple of months especially for the Red Sox who have since hired a new manager, lost a star closer, hired a new coaching staff and oh yeah, lost one of the greatest general managers of all time. A lot has also been happening with our staff as we have been busy planning a documentary concerning the 100 year anniversary of Fenway Park this upcoming season.

I'll begin with this documentary...as you may or may not know we are students at Emerson College in Boston so we're pretty 'media' savvy. This documentary will concentrate on the emotional appeal of Fenway Park. We will be conducting interviews with fans throughout the country in order to depict the unique emotional appeal that Fenway Park has. This documentary will be filmed throughout the season starting in January and ending in May. If you are interested in being a park of the documentary please send an email to redseatnation@gmail.com.

Enough about this documentary! We'll keep you updated throughout the journey and post pictures of the interviews and the process of the production!

Now time to talk about more important things....the Boston Red Sox who have since our last post received some major changes...There is not enough room in one blog post to discuss all the changes so I'll discuss one change in this blog, the new manager of the Sox Bobby Valentine.

Bobby V is the man to lead the Boston Red Sox to victory in 2012. Our clubhouse was a wreck last season as the players took advantage of Tito and didn't take the game seriously enough....which led to the collapse in September. Bobby V with his baseball expertise managing the Mets and most recently in Japan, will bring the right pieces and a new personality to the Sox who need it after last season. His personality will prove to Boston that everything is okay, something we needed after the collapse and the departure of Terry Francona. He will provide the clubhouse with the structure they need and will put in place a new system of baseball in the Sox organization.

Well that's all for now, check back later for more news...until then I'll leave with some wise words of our new manager....Bobby V

"I took a shower in the clubhouse for the first time today and there was something really odd...two bottles of shampoo and no soap...now and I wrong or did Terry have no hair?? It makes no sense."

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