Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just Add It To The List

As most of you probably remember reading through this blog, I had blogged about John Lackey's performance on the mound for the Red Sox. Well if his pitching performance wasn't already enough, he's added another problem to this long list of them. He has filed for divorce from his wife, Krista. Divorce happens more frequently than it should throughout these United States, however, when it happens in ways like the way Lackey is doing it, it doesn't settle well with most people.

According to TMZ, Lackey had filed for divorce back at the end of August. Meanwhile, through all of this, Krista is battling breast cancer, and, well, Lackey is doing what he does best on the mound. It's always a comforting thing when issues like this come up when someone is dealing with a deadly disease such as Krista's. For the record, that last statement was pure sarcasm. Everyone can remember the scandal that politician, John Edwards put himself in while his wife was practically on her death bed. Obviously Lackey isn't in the same scandal, but he's still divorcing her.

TMZ also reported that Lackey "has 'separate property' that he wants to keep for himself." Oh that's just fine John, be as selfish as you want, it's okay, I'm sure Krista won't mind at all. In another report from it stated that someone from the media had sent Lackey a text message about the situation, in which infuriated the Red Sox starting pitcher because of the personal basis behind the issue at hand.

It also went on to say that Lackey was asked in a press conference if the text message distracted him. I don't know about anyone else, but Lackey's performance with the Red Sox so far doesn't have anything to do with distractions in my opinion. It can't be known for sure when the divorce will go through, what the real reasons are, and what the end result of all this actually will be, but what can be said is it's just another problem to add to Lackey's list.

Current events in Red Sox nation haven't really been on the top of most fans' lists. Let's just hope that the team can find a new manager that can get the job done; that pitchers and hitters can pull it together next season and make the playoffs; and that if Theo leaves the Sox that Cherrington or another GM can hold the team together. We'll do what Red Sox fans are used to doing: staying on the edge of our seats to wait and see what happens.

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