Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Theo Epstein is on the verge of going to the Chicago Cubs

It looks like the grim rumors of Theo Epstein leaving his home town team have finally become reality for Red Sox Nation. The Boston Herald first reported that sources close to the Red Sox organization confirmed that Theo Epstein and the Chicago Cubs were very close on coming to a deal to make Theo the new GM, and the decision could happen within the next 48 hours. The final details of Theo leaving Boston are still being discussed and involve compensation in the form of prospects or money towards the Sox.

There have been multiple rumors floating around tonight, that Chicago may be willing to part with star shortstop Starlin Castro, in return for Theo Epstein. These rumors have been officially quieted by ESPN's Karl Ravech, who says that a source close to the Sox said that the MLB wouldn't allow the Cubs to part with any current Major League Players but instead will part with prospects or money, in compensation for the General Manager of The Boston Red Sox.

Larry Lucchino, the President and CEO of the Red Sox was very mum on the whole ordeal on Tuesday night. Lucchino said that, "we are not commenting on that type of issue unless and until there is a resolution. That has been a consistent policy and practice of the Red Sox for years," when asked about the developing story coming out of Chicago.

The most recent news about Epstein's move to Chicago have been very hectic and we will try to bring you any new information as soon as it comes in. As for now, know that according to a credible Red Sox official Theo Epstein is "likely [sic] going to go, but nothing has been finalized." The Boston Red Sox organization will remain in close communication with the Chicago Cubs about compensation for Theo, which will be the final aspect of the deal that would bring Chicago the greatest GM Boston has ever seen. 

Also, for those who got excited about the Castro rumor mill, don't expect big names to come over as compensation for Theo, instead expect the Red Sox to receive large amounts of money or great prospects for Theo's departure to Chicago.

It looks like the era of "In Theo We Trust," has now turned to "In Ben (Cherrington) We Trust."

We will keep you updated with any information regarding Theo's departure to Chicago.

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