Saturday, October 1, 2011

Epstein to Join Francona?

Is it possible that Theo Epstein might join Francona in leaving the Boston Red Sox organization? After watching his press conferences held on Friday, September 30, to discuss the departure of eight year manager Terry Francona, you wouldn't think he would be out but sources are saying otherwise.

As Epstein sat calmly in the press room, wearing a Sox wind breaker and looking like he was ready to tackle the rough off-season that is ahead of him as the GM of the Boston Red Sox, there was little made that the assistant GM, Ben Cherington, was in attendance for all the meetings involving Terry Francona on Thursday and Friday. This little nuance that went seemingly un-noticed among the press could be a sign of Epstein's departure from the Sox and could be an end to his 9 year tenure. Could it be that Cherington, was in these meetings to prepare himself in working with the Red Sox brass, in preparation of Theo's dismissal? Cherington has been under Epstein for six years and is ready to take the head GM job.

Since the termination of the Cubs GM Jim Hendry in August, Theo Epstein's name has been thrown out there as the number one candidate for the new GM job available in Chicago. It is no doubt that Theo has experience in building championship teams in teams that struggle to succeed, in bringing the Red Sox two World Series titles, the most important one coming in 2004 breaking the 86 year curse, but would he really be up to breaking the 103 year old curse in Chicago?

This question has generated much speculation around Boston. Would Theo leave the Red Sox organization and join the team of the Chicago Cubs?

Theo is a Boston boy, who created his baseball career around Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino as a intern at the San Diego Padres. The ownership of the Padres took Epstein under their wing and made him the youngest GM in Major League history, at the time for the Boston Red Sox in 2002. Quickly, Epstein built a baseball team that went to the post season 6 out of 9 years and won 2 World Series titles with the Boston Red Sox. Theo has become a legend in Boston, making huge transactions (good and bad) that ultimately changed the way the Red Sox played baseball. Although it could be some of these transactions that leads to his dismissal from the Boston Red Sox. Could it be these signings, like the signings of JD Drew, Eric Gagne, John Lackey and Edgar Renteria that allow Theo to walk from the Boston Red Sox?

According to an undisclosed source "Theo is very interested" in the position in Chicago and New York Post columnist said that he "believe[d] [the] Red Sox will give permission and Theo will go to Cubs to be GM."

Personally, I feel like Theo has done all he can do for the Boston Red Sox and like Tito he needs to go. The Red Sox are in a position to rebuild, and in order to rebuild they need to get rid the primary source of the team, Theo Epstein. It is clearly obvious that his assistant Cherington is ready to step into a GM job therefore I would not be surprised if Theo walks away to join the Chicago Cubs organization.

This off season will have a lot to tell about the Boston Red Sox future and the direction the Sox organization wants to bring the team. There will be a lot of speculation and rumors, but one thing is for certain, there will be a lot of moves inside the clubhouse and in the executive offices. Along with Terry Francona, Theo should be looked at, as a primary cause for the Red Sox 'collapse' this September. Theo has done all he can do for the Boston Red Sox.

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